When You Don’t Look Like What You Been Through– “Ashes To Beauty”



Friends, I spent the past few days in the wonderful city of Atlanta, GA! During this time I have met some really amazing people. In one week I will be returning to Atlanta for the kick-off of the “Ashes to BeautyTour! WOW! How exciting! Your friend, Sharon D. Meadows is going on a world-wide city “TOUR” to empower and transform the lives of others!

What makes me an expert on the topic of  the transformation from “Ashes to Beauty?” Friends, I have been through a lot and as you can see, I don’t look like what I have been through. What have I been through? I’m so glad you asked! My life has been a journey. My childhood started from very humble beginnings. My parents divorced when I was a young girl. My father and mother both struggled with some level of alcoholism, depression and emotional setbacks. At the age of 44, my father lost his battle  in life as he suffered a fatal “massive” heart attack and departed this life to finally have peace and rest. Shortly thereafter, my mother suffered a severe car accident that was so devastating she immediately turned her life around to pursue her purpose. My mother made drastic changes and she is still here and she is doing very well.

But after the loss of my father, my life took a few turns. I had much regret and guilt as I were not even speaking to my father when he passed away. I allowed hurt and pain from the past to dictate my interaction with him. And when my dad passed, the guilt was far too great and I began to make a downward spiral to an emotional black pit! Eventually, I found my way out of the pit and was able to graduate from college as planned.

After college, I had a few failed relationships, a few challenges in the professional world, some failed friendships. Yes, friends, hurts, pains, disappointments and setbacks were some of the many obstacles that I found myself facing. Prior to my 30th birthday, I realized my clock was ticking and I took action. I married a young man that took me from 100 to 0. I had finally gotten myself together and was 100 percent and I invited someone into my life that deflated the value that I had spent years building. After spending “7″ years in a very abusive marriage, I filed for divorce. Several months later, the same year of my divorce, my first born daughter passed away at the age of 6 years old from a severe asthma attack. I found myself at a place that many people may know as being at “rock-bottom”. Then to add insult to injury, the company that I had been totally committed to for the previous 6 years, showed no compassion at all with regard to my losses. Friends, I mean this company was COLD! #ColdBlooded

I found myself in the valley, lost in the wilderness, at the bottom of the barrel, face-down on the concrete, you can call it what you like but I was in the “FIRE!” But through the grace of God and some intentional actions, my faith allowed me to come out of the fire without the smell of smoke. #FaithWithWorks

Now friends, I am not a motivational “hype” man. I know that many times when we motivate an audience the motivation leaves as soon as the audience is no longer in our presence. Motivational “energy” is often times perceived as hype and when the hype dies the energy soon follows behind it! #WastedEnergy

The Ashes to Beauty Tour is not about motivational hype energy. The Ashes to Beauty Tour is designed to empower the lives of people that are ready to create and cultivate change in their lives to produce life-transforming results by discovering their inner strengths.

Ask yourself are you ready to experience a life-transforming conversation with Sharon D. Meadows? Friends, remember, we don’t have to look like what we have been through! #AshesToBeautyTour

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

Please connect with Sharon, to ask her what’s the next step to get you on the Journey to a New You, Contact Me! #LetsTalk

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Posted on February 22nd, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

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