What You Deserve vs. What You Get– Knowing Your Worth

Friends, can we talk?  Good, because  I am sure that everyone will be able to relate to this discussion. I would like to shine the light on the difference in what we get in life vs. what we actually deserve. Generally speaking if we don’t know our value, then we don’t know what we deserve and often times we will simply take what we get……hhhmmm……[pause]………think about it. Now, that I have your wheels turning, let’s dive deeper into getting what we deserve.

So, what do “we” actually deserve in any given situation? Be it our work-place, a friendship, a relationship, a business deal, or any situation in which we are expecting something in return. By what standard can we measure what we believe we deserve and how can we ensure that our “something” adds up to our expectation?

The idea of what we believe we deserve is going to feed into our expectations. If our expectations are not met then we are going to conclude that we are not getting what we deserve. Hence, the feeling of “dissatisfaction” is going to enter into the equation.

So back to having a clear picture of knowing what we deserve. The picture that we create is going to be based largely upon the value that we believe we bring to the table within a situation.

To better illustrate this concept, I would like to share a personal experience with you. For several years, I worked for a global investment firm. When I say “worked”, friends, I don’t mean I just went to work from 9 – 5. I mean I went to WORK and I delivered, time after time again. So I knew the value that I brought to the table. During my time at this firm, do you think I received what I “believed” I deserved? In a perfect world, I would have, be we don’t live in a perfect world so the answer is NO! I simply received what I got and I am so sorry to tell you that it did not meet my expectations. You see, I knew my value and I knew what I was worth. #KnowYourWorth

Friends, if you find yourself in a situation in which you are experiencing total dissatisfaction, this is a result that your expectations are not being met. Now sometimes, we can expect too much and our expectations will never be met. I understand this, but the closer the gap is between the “reality” of a situation vs our expectations, the less dissatisfaction we will experience. When the gap between reality and expectations are far too great……#HoustonWeHaveAProblem

So let’s find a solution to lessening the gap between “reality” vs “expectations.” In my opinion, the solution is to open your mouth and articulate how you feel. Sometimes, we are taking what we get, simply because we are not willing to express to others what we feel we deserve. Please keep in mind if we don’t tell others that our expectations are not being met, they may never know. #ClosedMouthsDontGetFed

Once we communicate our dissatisfaction, we can then determine if any corrective actions are being taken. If no corrective actions are taken, we may conclude that the other party does not know or appreciate our worth and the value we bring to the table. If this is the case, we must consider the need to “exit” from a situation in which we are being undervalued and find a situation in which our value is more highly recognized as well as celebrated! #YourPlaceOfAssignment

Ask yourself do you know your worth so that you are expecting what you deserve vs simply taking what you get?

Sharon D. Meadows is the Amazon Best-Selling Author of Journey to a New You, A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strength.

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Posted on November 16th, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

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