What to Do When Unexpected Things Occur in Life – Shift Happens!

What to Do When Unexpected Things Occur in Life – Shift Happens!

Several years ago, I started paying attention to my dreams. Well, one dream in particular. It was a reoccurring dream. Although, it wasn’t a frequent dream, I did recognize that I had experienced this same dream on more than one occasion.

In the dream, I was traveling on a long winding road. The road had many twists and turns. Each time that I had the dream, it would inevitably end the same way. I would encounter a quick turn in the road and I would miss it. When I missed the turn, you may be wondering what would happen to me? Well, I’ll tell you, I would run off the road. Every single time, it was the same outcome.

I was processing the dream one day in an effort to figure out what the dream possibly meant to me. I realized the dream was speaking to me, about me, about my life. The dream revealed that sometimes in life, we may be on a path and get knocked off course because of an unexpected shift.

So what do you do when an unexpected shift occurs? You assess the situation. Ask yourself, why did the shift occur in the first place? Could you have prevented the shift? How do you successfully resume your course once the shift occurs? Asking the right questions won’t take you back in time before the shift, but it will prepare you for future shifts up ahead. The important thing to remember is that shifts will happen in life. When they do you may even run off course but it’s not the end of the road. When you encounter an unexpected shift in life, find your way back onto the road to keep moving forward.

What significant shift have you recently experienced?


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Posted on April 26th, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

9 thoughts on “What to Do When Unexpected Things Occur in Life – Shift Happens!

  1. My recent significant shift is I’m getting married soon. I’m excited but noticed that I’ve gained a few pounds. What do I do? Being in a relationship for me means eating out a lot more than I normally do and enjoying libations more than usual. Everyday seems to be cause for celebration with food and drink.

  2. Congratulations Nike, getting married is indeed a wonderful occasion to celebrate! Do you find your fiance and yourself dining out more, having fun, celebrating with wine, martini’s, etc?

    You are entering into a new realm in life with a partner and its exciting! You are in the discovery phase of a new you, and your journey begins with creating a new life with a companion.

    You are happy, spending time with your partner and dining out is resulting in weight gain for you.

    Nike, I understand, I too have been there. Do not worry, it is OK, and this type of situation has happened to everyone. You are not alone in your feelings. Nike, the past few years, I too have been on a new journey. I am recently single, and have been adjusting to dating. My social life on occasion consist of ding out, wine, desserts. These are a few things on anyone’s typical dating menu. I have been enjoying this new found single life, and yet this life-style hasn’t caused me to falter on my journey.

    Why not? Well, the reason is simple. I eat healthy. Weight maintenance doesn’t mean that you don’t eat, instead it means that you eat smart. Eating smart means taking deliberate and intentional action in your behavior with regard to maintaining your weight.

    Nike, you can have it all in life, husband, kids, career, you just can’t eat it all. Strive to eat smart and get active, yes, exercise. Moderation is the general rule to control your food intake. Eat smart, eat healthy and try to make wise choices. Adding on a new mate doesn’t mean that you add on unwanted pounds. Nike, the power is yours, how do you plan to use it?

    Weight gain does not have to be a result of a new relationship. You can be in a relationship, happy and healthy, while having fun, without packing on the pounds. The solution is to make an effort to choose wisely, your outward appearance depends upon it. Good luck to you Nike and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, I wish you all the best!

  3. Thank you for your congratulatory message and insightful response Sharon. I will try to choose wisely when dining out and start an exercise regimen soon. For me, I think exercise is more doable to keep me on track as I do succumb to poor food choices more often than not…desserts are my weakness. Unfortunately, my fiance shares the same weakness for sweets and thus far, I have been unable to resist when he brings desserts home…I chow down along with him. This is a new challenge that I will have to overcome because in the past, living alone, I just did not bring desserts into my home so temptation with snacks at home is not something I have had to deal with.

    • Nike, I totally understand. I have been there. Please allow me to share my own experience with this type of struggle. My husband use to bring oreo cookies home every other day. I would become extremely frustrated with him because he knew I was trying to loose weight. It was a vicious cycle, he would bring the oreo cookies home, I would eat them, he would bring them again. One day, I simply asked him if he could refrain from bringing the cookies home. He asked, “why?”. I responded and said, “because I keep eating them.” He chuckled and said, “but who told you to eat it?”

      Nike, although he asked the question jokingly, he actually had a point. Who gave me permission to eat it? Nike, I would like to ask you to try something out. Starting today, when you are confronted with the temptation of “sweets” in your home, I want you to ask yourself a question. Ask yourself for permission to eat it. Ask yourself this question out loud, “Nike, may I have this cookie?”

      Nike, I then want you to answer yourself out loud. Your answer will be a “YES” or “NO”. Reclaim your power to choose and take accountability for your response. Keep me posted on how it goes. If there is anything that I can personally assist you with please contact me at letstalk@sdmeadows.com

      Remember Nike, you are the only one responsible for our own success, and with this power comes accountability.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the title. Shift does happen! It’s inevitable. We are part of a shift each and every day whether we know it or not, understand it or not, or agree with it or not. I welcome “shifting!” For me, shifting means an opportunity to grow, learn, develop and or change. I am a change agent. And for me, shifting has been embraced as a natural component in the process of life.
    Having recently turned 50 years old, I would say that I have experienced yet another “shift” in my life. However, this shift is apparently different. Why? I have no idea. I have always welcomed each birthday as a time to celebrate having made is through another year while also looking forward to the year ahead. Perhaps, the reason why this shift is so different is because I also “shifted” drastically, spiritually about a year and a half ago. I decided to hold God at His Word. Stepped out on faith in obedience to what God had placed on my heart and am now experiencing “shifts” in which I have no control, nor a full view of what lies ahead. These shifts will still provide me an opportunity to grow, learn, develop and or change. Yet, they feel different.

    • Hello Sweetp!

      Welcome to my blog! Happy “FABULOUS” 50 to you! Thank you for sharing your life-shifting experiences. Your comment is quite insightful as change and growth are synonymous. You cannot experience one without the other. I know exactly what you mean when you said you stepped out on faith in obedience. I have experienced this myself. Does it feel exciting for you or uneasy?

      Here’s what I know Sweetp, when you totally surrender to God, and allow him to lead and guide you, you will find yourself anticipating the next shift. You will await the next shift. You can actually close your eyes with no concern of what lies ahead. When God is driving the only thing up ahead is GREATNESS!

      • Thanks Coach!
        I believe in my heart that greatness does lie ahead for me. I am feeling a cross between excitement and uneasiness. However, I know from experience the outcome of my driving! With that being said, I have nothing to lose and all to gain from allowing God to do the driving for me. It’s an awkward position in which to rest, especially when you’re used to doing the driving (or at least you THOUGHT you were doing so), but I’m going to move forward with my eyes wide shut and my faith open on full throttle! Blessings! I’ll be back!

        • Hello Sweetp my friend, please remember, when you believe in you, second opinions are not necessary. Live your life, as if you are the only person that needs to believe in you. When you embrace this way of thinking, you will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

          You say you are excited, yet a bit uneasy. I understand, I have experienced those feelings as well. Continue moving forward, with your eyes wide shut and allow God to order your steps. Sweetp, the key is to remember, you will either be winning or learning, you will never be losing. If you are winning then you are WINNING, and if you are not winning, you are simply learning.

          So I ask you Sweetp, what would you attempt to do in life if you knew you could never lose?

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