The Power of A Testimony– When It’s Time to Share “Your” Story……..

Friends, there is power, yes, great power in sharing your story with others. Powerful things occur when you are brave and courageous enough to share parts of your life with others, even the painful parts of your life. What things you may wonder? I’m so glad you asked! When you are transparent with others by sharing your story, you may be able to encourage, inspire or perhaps even help someone to overcome an obstacle that they may be struggling with that you have already overcome.

But often times there is one thing that keeps us from sharing our story with others, and that’s the fear of others passing judgement on us. Because of this, we will keep our story bottled up within us, keeping it all  in, and this helps no one, not even ourselves.

So how does telling our story help others? Telling our story helps others on many different levels. Today after church service, I spent some time speaking with a friend in the church parking lot. Now if you were to see this young lady, you wouldn’t think she had gone through anything challenging. She is gracious, pleasant, always smiling and in my opinion, her presence is like the sunshine. You see, whenever I see her face and I see her smiling, it makes me smile too. She is a professional, a mother, a wife and a dedicated and devoted church member, but behind her bright smile is a story. Now I don’t have permission to share her story with you but what I can share with you is how hearing her story impacted me. I was inspired. I was moved, I was touched and hearing her story encouraged me. I walked away with several thoughts, but the one thought at the top of my mind was, NEVER GIVE UP!

Friends, we all get knocked down in life at some point and we may experience setbacks. Sometimes the setback is a result of decisions we have made, at other times setbacks may be a result of decisions made by others that have impacted our lives. But when you find yourself faced with challenging situations in life, you have to hang in there and see your way through to the end. And once you are able to come out on the other side of the darkness into the light then you will be able to help others out of the darkness as well. But if you choose to keep your story of triumphant all bottled up inside, it doesn’t help anyone because unfortunately, no one gets to hear it.

Now we don’t want to go through life connecting with people from a place of pain. You have problems, they have problems and so you both focus your energy on connecting  around “problems”. No, we don’t want this at all, instead we should focus our energy on finding solutions to problems, not the problems. My suggestion is to not go around sharing your problems for the sake of sharing your problems. The power in your sharing your struggle, is evident after you have actually overcome the “struggle”. If you are in a situation where you can help someone find a solution to a problem that they are going through, that’s when your story becomes powerful. It’s not about putting your laundry in the air. It’s about helping others that may be lost and your story may be the light that they need to see their way out of a dark place.

Sharing your story will not only help to empower others from the struggle they may be encountering but it will also help to empower you. The ability to share your story and how you have overcome obstacles in life, will give you a sense of freedom. You will find freedom in knowing that that you don’t have to be ashamed of what you have experienced in life. But most of all, you will feel free, in knowing that your painful past may give someone else purpose to go on.

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

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Posted on May 31st, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

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