Meet “The Coach”

Sharon D. Meadows is an Independent Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Teacher and Executive Leadership Coach. Sharon is also a passionate published author. She leads others by example, by living her life through her coaching philosophies.


Sharon attributes her successful executive leadership coaching abilities to more than 17 years of IT industry experience in being highly skilled and trained in creating solutions.

Sharon’s extensive business experience includes clarifying complex issues, advocating client solutions and mobilizing project teams to create and drive value for organizations. Sharon is a seasoned and experienced IT consultant and has consulted for organizations such as Wachovia Corporation, Dynegy, Deloitte & Touche, Duke Energy, Stanford Financial Group, Invesco, and Crane Worldwide Logistics, just to name a few.

Aside from executive leadership coaching, Sharon also is passionate about helping to grow and develop others through her personal coaching program. Sharon developed an 8-week program to assist her clients in becoming the person that they dream about becoming. 6 years ago, Sharon naturally shed more than 90 pounds and has consistently kept the weight off. Sharon utilized the proven techniques that she developed to lose weight to create the RTM (Renewing the Mind) 8 week program. Sharon has been successful in creating life-changing results as she leads her clients on a unforgettable journey through the RTM program.

The RTM program teaches you the skills that you need to obtain the results that you desire over the long-run. Through the RTM 8-week program Sharon places you on the road to success through her extraordinary ability to lead you by walking behind you. By doing so, Sharon is able to see what you cannot see for yourself and she constructs effective techniques to reveal her findings to produce life-changing results for  you.

At the completion of the RTM 8-week curriculum, you are empowered with a discovery and transformational development of your inner strengths. During the RTM journey, Sharon will guide you to fulfill any dream that you desire, from weight loss, to personal growth and development to growing and developing leaders within your organization. Sharon’s expertise is in successfully introducing you to a newly transformed way of thinking that easily transcends into different areas of life that will change your life forever! Sharon coaches that once you are able to control your mind, you can conquer anything in life.  Sharon helps you to remove any limitations that you may have and she coaches you that any dream that is believable is achievable.

Sharon is gifted with the ability to encourage, motivate, inspire and support her clients on their unforgettable journey to a new destination.  She is extremely enthusiastic about what she believes in when it comes to leadership and internal growth and development. Although, Sharon’s coaching ideals come from within her heart, from her caring nature to help others, she is also highly skilled and trained under the direction of John C. Maxwell. 

Sharon is a solutions oriented coach. Sharon has developed a proven coaching system to help others learn the skills needed to obtain personal or business success.  Sharon has the skills, knowledge and the know-how to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Sharon enters into a true partnership with you. She is not only your coach, she is also your pillar of support. She is an aggressive coach that seeks results. She places emphasis on the coaching experience being all about you.  She is client-centric so she fully understands there is no “ME” without “YOU”.  One of Sharon’s primary focus within the coaching experience is the “YOU” in “SUCCESS”.  She is truly a coach that cares about your needs.  Sharon is a fixer!

Aside from being a dedicated business and personal coach, Sharon is the author of “Journey to a New You” weight loss book. Sharon is the owner of J’Lyn Star Publishing. She is a loving mother, daughter, sister and friend. Sharon resides in the Houston, Texas area with her daughter.