The Art of Influence– Be Inspired, Be Desired, or Get Fired!

Friends, the subject of this discussion is my favorite quote for the week! “Be inspired, be desired, or get fired!” Thanks Keli Chevalier! What does this quote mean? I’m so glad you asked! It’s all about the art of influence!

Influence is very powerful and has carried much weight for many years. Influence in my opinion is what the Oprah “brand” is built upon. How many Authors do you think have seen the “best-sellers” list simply because Oprah instructed her viewers to purchase that book as her book choice of the month? My point is that Oprah is a woman of influence. People follow her and they are greatly influenced by her.

So what is the art of influence….well, let’s see, there are two main components. A person of influence must have the ability to inspire others. When people are inspired they want more and more of the source of inspiration which means they desire to be around the person of influence. If you don’t believe me, then go around the room and ask everyone if they could meet any one person in the world who would it be. Then count the times that Oprah’s name comes up on the list. 

But what if you are in a position to influence others and you don’t inspire them? Then most likely these individuals will not desire to be around you…and they will soon depart from your presence.

May I share a personal experience with you? Exactly, 2 years ago, I made the decision to fire my Corporate boss. And after over 6 years of being a loyal employee to an international Investment firm, I decided to leave. The driving force behind my decision, my boss didn’t inspire me, nor did I desire to be around him and the end result! #FiredCorporateBoss

Going into the office became a burden. I was under the leadership of an individual that had no idea what Leadership was about. Instead, my leader took on the role of a boss. As a leader he left much to be desired, but as a boss, he had that down to a science! Now friends, I know that we use the term boss loosely today and we actually use it in a positive manner to refer to aggressive entrepreneur minded folks. Often times people may use the term “like a boss” in a positive manner. But for this discussion, like a boss was a bad thing, very, very bad! So bad that I packed my belongings and said good bye just to get away from this individual.

His level of influence was very low. So what was impacting his ability to influence others? I don’t know but I can tell you why he couldn’t influence your friend Sharon D. Meadows. He was insecure as a leader and lacked the skills needed to execute plans to produce results. I believe many of us would refer to this as being incompetent. #NotLikeABoss

Aside from being incapable of getting his team to follow him he also lacked integrity, and strong leaders operate in integrity. Which perhaps is why the team was unable to follow him. A leader with no integrity will eventually have no followers.

In order for a leader to be effective to influence others to follow along, the leader must operate with character, integrity and authenticity. If these pieces of the pie are missing the leader will not be effective in influencing others to follow. Followers, will buy into the leader long before followers buy into the vision. If a Leader is lacking the ability to influence others to follow along, then the journey becomes a lonely walk for the leader. 

Ask yourself, in relationships, business and personal, if you influence others by being inspired and desired so you don’t get fired? #InfluenceMatters

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

Please connect with Sharon, to ask her what’s the next step to get you on the Journey to a New You, Contact Me! #LetsTalk

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Posted on March 30th, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

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