Overcoming A Painful Past– Hold On, Pain Ends #HOPE

Friends, please let me start by saying this discussion is NOT for everyone. The topic is on H.O.P.E, so if this topic is not for you….then I shall pause to allow a few moments for you to exit………………ok, now for the rest of us, shall we begin?

If this is your first time reading my blog and you don’t know who I am then please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sharon D. Meadows. I am a mother, a business professional, a mentor, and I am known to many as “The Coach”.  I have engaged numerous individuals seeking my guidance to help them to get back “on-track”. Now friends, it is not that I have it all figured out, nor do I have all the answers. However, I have experienced and overcome pain in my life that has allowed me to develop strategic life skills that are necessary to successfully maneuver the journey of life.

Friends, sharing my personal experiences openly is never easy for me. Why? My life has been filled with many painful occurrences. Having the ability to overcome painful circumstances has given me the insight and wisdom to help others to overcome their difficulties as well.

So what have I overcome? Where shall we begin? I am a product of divorce, of an alcoholic father that was absent in my life as I grew up. He departed the earth at the age of 44. I was 20 years old at the time of his death and I struggled with much pain and regret of having never made amends before his passing. Yes, I have overcome the pain of my “daddy” issues and it is a part of my past.

My mother struggled with her own emotional issues during my childhood, which resulted in her not being emotionally available. As a child and leading into my adult life, I felt very alone, extremely unloved, as if I were on my own to fin for myself. Yes, I have overcome the pain of abandonment issues and it is a part of my past.

My strongest and most secure bond was with my grandmother, Edith. Grandma Edith raised me and instilled in me the values that I am proud to live by today. She was my rock, my strength, my biggest cheerleader, advocate and supporter and she always had my back. She became ill and passed away suddenly in 2012. Yes, I have overcome the pain of my grief and it is a part of my past.

As an adult when I decided to get married, I unfortunately, did it for the wrong reason. Love was not in the equation. I married someone that I felt would fit into the “picture” that I painted in my mind and after 7 years of a miserable and extremely abusive marriage, everything crumbled over night in 2011. Yes, I have overcome the pain of divorce and it is a part of my past.

During my marriage, I experienced the blissful joy of having two beautiful daughters. Jaylyn Alexandria and Jayda Amari. 8 months after my divorce, due to much anxiety created by divorce tension, my first born, suffered a fatal asthma attack. Jaylyn was only 6 years old when God called her home to be an angel in 2011. Yes, I have overcome the pain of being a mother that has experienced the loss of a child and it is a part of my past.

Friends, I have learned to overcome several painful situations by holding on to H.O.P.E and understanding that pain doesn’t last forever. If you can just hold on and know that whatever painful circumstances and situations you have experienced, it will pass.

 A part of healing from a painful past is acceptance. Acknowledge that your feelings are valid and they are indeed real. Know that you have the right to feel the way that you are feeling and then release it when you are ready. Pain feels like a hole in your heart. But if you hold on to H.O.P.E, the pain will subside and the “hole” will become “whole”.

Ask yourself are you ready to overcome your pain by holding on to H.O.P.E and by knowing that pain doesn’t last forever? #H.O.P.E

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

Please connect with Sharon, to ask her what’s the next step to get you on the Journey to a New You, Contact Me! #LetsTalk

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