No Trouble in Paradise– Avoid The “Red Flags”…..

Friends, often times when we think of  trouble in paradise, we may imagine a beautiful beach with a breathtaking view and everything is wonderful and then a storm starts to brew that may potentially ruin the beautiful setting.  #TroubleInParadise

But when trouble comes to Paradise, even if it rolled in like a tsunami there are red flags. For example, if you were on the beach in paradise relaxing with your feet up and a tide rolled in and then a drawback of the ocean were to occur as the shoreline recedes dramatically, exposing normally submerged areas, would you stick around to see what was going to happen next? Or would you get the heck out of dodge because in your mind, you know a tsunami is about to roll in and tear everything up? Some of you would stick around out of curiosity and friends, we know what curiosity did to the cat….but the majority of us would “break” camp with the quickness!

For those of you that would stick around, the question comes into play, why on earth would you stick around when you observe a red flag? When it comes to relationships, we all desire a happy ending, which is our paradise. But when we see red flags in the start of a relationship, why do we sometimes proceed instead of accepting the red flag as a warning to run the other way?

May I share a personal experience with you? 11 years ago, I decided the time had arrived for me to get married. Tick, tock, tick, tock, yes, the clock was ticking! I was at the ripe age of “29” and my biological clock was screaming at me to find a suitable mate to start a family with. Don’t worry I will write another blog at a later time to discuss how this way of thinking will result in disaster but for the current discussion let’s just stick to the topic of avoiding red flags.

After very little effort I found a suitable mate but the “red” flags were flying all over the place. Very early into the relationship I became aware of some major character flaws in my potential mate but I decided to ignore the red flags to proceed in pursuit of my “paradise”.

After dating for a very brief period, I accepted a marriage proposal and married my “prospective” mate. And wouldn’t you know it, less than 7 months into the first year of marriage, you guessed it! Trouble in paradise. Now friends, the first sign of trouble wasn’t on the scale of a tsunami  but the devastation was definitely damaging enough to create a big tidal wave.

Please allow me to paint the picture for you. My Knight in shining Armour had finally arrived and I was living out my “fairy” tale. And very soon the happily ever after to my story……came to an abrupt ending when I came across an email that my Prince had written to a former lover to make arrangements for a……let’s just say, Disney didn’t write the story and it was by no means PG 13. 

Over the course of more than 7 years, I experienced multiple tidal waves in the marriage until the tsunami actually hit and tore everything up resulting in my decision to seek a divorce. 

Friends, I know you may be wondering, if there were red flags to indicate the potential problem that would be waiting ahead in paradise. The answer is YES! You see, very early on in the relationship, even prior to the discovery of the “scandalous” email, I identified, numerous red flags that I chose to ignore. The bottom line is that I knew that I had selected someone that was not a man of character and integrity and I proceeded anyway only to have to face the tsunami in the end.

Ask yourself, are you willing to avoid the red flags to keep trouble out so that you can enjoy your happily ever after? #Paradise

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

Please connect with Sharon, to ask her what’s the next step to get you on the Journey to a New You, Contact Me! #LetsTalk

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Posted on March 20th, by sdmeadows in Coaching.

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