When Burning Bridges– Be Prepared to Swim to the Other Side….

Friends, it has often been said, that we should not burn a bridge unless we are prepared to swim to the other side. Back in the day, I burned bridges with no regard to the fact that I was a “so-so” kind of swimmer.

Same Story, A Different Day— Repeating The Same Mistakes………

Friends, if I asked for a show of hands of people that are guilty of repeating the same mistakes from the past, would your hand be raised? I know mine would. We are all guilty of this. When you find yourself in the same situation time and time again, you often times may ask the question, how did I get here?

On The “Journey to A New You?”– The Transformation Coach is Here to Help!


Friends, it’s almost 2015,  a New Year! Some of you have decided to make your New Year’s Resolutions already! And guess what, it’s the same one from last year, and the year before that and the year before that…..how many have resolutions that have become a repetitive cycle, without  resolution?

The Journey to Any Destination is a Process– “Enjoy the Journey”

Friends, we all have secret desires of our hearts. There are places that we dream about going and often these dreams make way for our purpose in life. For many of us, we hope that our dreams will manifest one day.

Be Prepared to Play Your Position– Or Be Prepared to Lose…..

Friends, we have positions in all aspects of our lives. Positions at work, positions on athletic teams, positions in church organizations, and positions in relationships just to name a few. Although the dynamics for each of these positions is different there is one thing they all have in common.