Dreams, Wishes, Goals…Why They Vanish— “No Commitment”

Friends, we are officially in 2015 and for many of us we began this year with a list of life-changing goals that we plan to accomplish, most of these goals started 25 days ago. 25 days later, where are you now?

Is One Man’s Trash– Another Man’s “Treasure”?

Friends, can one man’s “trash” truly become another man’s treasure? I don’t know but it would seem so if you were to drive out to a few suburban neighborhood garage sales over any given weekend. And when you do pay close attention to the facial expression of the homeowner when a passerby rejoices in giving them ONLY 25.00 for a lamp that the homeowner was hoping to set fire to just to get it out of their home.

Evaluating The “Value” of Your Relationships– Asset or Liability…..

Friends, this is going to be a sensitive topic for some people so I will try to be as compassionate as possible as I explore the discussion on evaluating the “value” of your relationships. Now please believe me, I am not trying to cause a “riff” in anyone’s current relationship.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone– To Get Where You Really Want to Be….

Friends, Happy New Year!!!! It’s 2015 and for some of us, we have been waiting patiently for the New Year to arrive in hopes that it will bring us closer to fulfilling our dreams. And some of us have some pretty BIG dreams!

Keep Calm –Get the Chip Off Your Shoulder……

Friends, is it just me or does it seem as though many people are walking around with a “chip” on their shoulder these days? I try to keep a positive outlook at all times but I can’t ignore the “bottled” up hostility that I observe in others around me.