Losing Reflection While Gaining Perspective– Discovering Who You Are…….

Friends, I have been contemplating the content for this blog for several days. My hope is that this blog will help someone to move forward in life and get “unstuck”.  You see for some people, being stuck is a result of not being able to recognize the reflection that they see in the mirror.

Empowering & Transforming Lives– Vision On A Mission!


Friends, this weekend with much anticipation, I kicked off the Ashes to Beauty Tour in Atlanta, GA at Ray’s in the City, Atlanta’s Top Quintessential Downtown Restaurant! The event was a HUGE success! #RaysInTheCityRocks

Friends, the week before the event I traveled to Atlanta to meet with Mr.

When You Don’t Look Like What You Been Through– “Ashes To Beauty”



Friends, I spent the past few days in the wonderful city of Atlanta, GA! During this time I have met some really amazing people. In one week I will be returning to Atlanta for the kick-off of the “Ashes to BeautyTour!

I Challenge You to Be A Winner– I Dare YOU!

Friends, some of you think you are a winner, but some of you KNOW you are a winner! For those that know it, when someone challenges you, it’s ON! There are some folks that love a challenge and these individuals love to win.

So Strong and Courageous—The Masses Think You’re Crazy……

Friends, before we get off into this discussion let me start by saying that everything is not for everyone. This is an “exclusive” blog that was designed to encourage, motivate and inspire the “dream chasers” of the world. So if you are not a dream chaser, please feel free to exit the page now, because what I am about to say next will scare the hell out of you!