You Only Get One Chance to Live– Love Your Life! #LYL

Friends, breathing does not mean that you are living…it simply means that you are breathing…and air is flowing in and out of your lungs…period. There are many among us that are breathing but not living. You see for some people, life has been hard, it’s been rough….the storm may have come and engulfed some folks to the point that they no longer desire to sustain life.

You Only Need Players, If You Play “Games”……

Friends, please pull up a seat for this discussion, it’s about to get good! For some of you, please watch your toes……so they don’t get stepped on. Shall we begin!

I would like to say this is for all my single folks, but unfortunately, this topic applies to some of the married folks among us.

Accepting That Life Happens– When “Shift” Just Got Real……

Friends, for most folks, the order of the day is, “fake it until you make it” but when a shift occurs in life, faking it is impossible. Why is that? I’m so glad you asked! I don’t know about you but when “shift” occurs in life, there is no room for faking it because “shift” often times, makes things real!

The Art of Influence– Be Inspired, Be Desired, or Get Fired!

Friends, the subject of this discussion is my favorite quote for the week! “Be inspired, be desired, or get fired!” Thanks Keli Chevalier! What does this quote mean? I’m so glad you asked! It’s all about the art of influence!

Influence is very powerful and has carried much weight for many years.

No Trouble in Paradise– Avoid The “Red Flags”…..

Friends, often times when we think of  trouble in paradise, we may imagine a beautiful beach with a breathtaking view and everything is wonderful and then a storm starts to brew that may potentially ruin the beautiful setting.  #TroubleInParadise

But when trouble comes to Paradise, even if it rolled in like a tsunami there are red flags.