When The “Weaker” Vessel Ain’t Weak– #StrongWomen

Friends, now before we get started, let me begin by saying that I am NOT about to write a blog about being physically strong. Personally, I can’t open a jar of spaghetti, raise a window or perform any heavy lifting without assistance.

Playing To Win– While “Dealing” with Doubt……

Friends, unless we have a crystal ball, and we can tell the future, (and we can’t), we may often times find ourselves dealing with doubt. Doubt is a result of fear, and fear paralyzes, restricts, and prevents us from doing what we need to do.

Removing “Shame”– The Biggest Killer of Your Destiny……..

Friends, “shame” is a soul eating emotion and for many people, this one emotion can KILL your destiny. Why? Because it causes you to become stuck. What is shame? I’m so glad you asked! Let’s understand what shame is before we get into the meat and potatoes on how to remove shame from ourselves.

Overcoming A Painful Past– Hold On, Pain Ends #HOPE

Friends, please let me start by saying this discussion is NOT for everyone. The topic is on H.O.P.E, so if this topic is not for you….then I shall pause to allow a few moments for you to exit………………ok, now for the rest of us, shall we begin?

Got A Big Ego?– Then Be Prepared To Ask It To Help You……

Friends, before we begin this discussion, I would like to add a disclaimer. Please put your toes nicely tucked away as I don’t want anyone to say that Sharon D. Meadows intentionally stepped on them. Now that we have that out of the way, shall we begin?