Comfortable In My Own Skin & Loving It– In Good Company!

Friends, I have spent the last few days in the beautiful city of New Orleans, LA and it’s been amazing! I decided to get away for a little “me” time ,so I booked a flight and was on my way, solo!

“Effective” Leadership Matters….and It Burns From The Heart

Friends, “effective” Leadership has become more important now than ever. I am sure that we have all had our dealings with “poor” leadership. It may have been a “sour” experience, at your place of employment, in your church, or even your home, but effective Leadership matters, why?

“Self-Doubt”– The Killer of All Dreams……

Friends, we all know a dream killer. Dream killers may be in our family, it may be a close friend, a colleague, a spouse, our kids, or even a total stranger. That’s OK, I have good news about dream killers. Don’t get upset or even discouraged by a dream killer.

The Driving Force Behind “Bad” Behavior– “Beliefs & Values”

Friends, how many times have you encountered a person only to leave their presence scratching your head wondering why they had behaved in a particular way in which you couldn’t quite understand or relate to? If you are like me then I’m sure it has happened to you more times than you care to remember. 

The Power of A Testimony– When It’s Time to Share “Your” Story……..

Friends, there is power, yes, great power in sharing your story with others. Powerful things occur when you are brave and courageous enough to share parts of your life with others, even the painful parts of your life. What things you may wonder?