“Insert” Man Here– The “Game” of Marriage

Friends, before I get started, please allow me to place a disclaimer on this discussion. Marriage is NOT a game, but some people enter into it lightly as though it were. Recently, I was having dinner with my daughter at a local neighborhood restaurant.

Having Your Cake While Eating It Too– The Value System of A “Cheater”

Friends, recently, I was talking to some friends and during the conversation, one of my friends mentioned that several of her close friends were cheating on their spouses. I asked her if she knew why, you see I was curious why someone would cheat on their spouse.

Having the Courage to Walk Away– #TheGiftOfGoodbye

Friends, I want to thank Tracy Washington, my dear friend, and fellow John C. Maxwell Team member for birthing the idea for this blog within me. You see Tracy and I were having a discussion on the courage that is required when an individual is in a situation that they need to walk away from.

Overcoming Emotional Pain– “The Healing Process”

Friends, I have been marinating this blog discussion for a few days. I wanted to give you something to think about if you are dealing with any type of emotional pain. Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. That sounds good but tell that to the husband that just lost his wife unexpectedly, or the father that only had cancer for 30 days before he transitioned and left grieving children behind, or the young couple that desperately wants a baby and just learned of a miscarriage, or the mother that buried a small child, that is gone too soon.

Learning to Love Yourself– The Greatest Love Of All

I recently developed a new sense of awareness while chatting with a friend. My friend said that many people find it easier to be in relationship with others rather than to be alone. Wait a minute, stop the press, how can this be?