What is Love? – You Can’t Succeed At It Until You Know What It Is


In a previous post, we discussed our willingness to trust God.  I left you with a question, what are you willing to trust God with?  In my personal life, I have entrusted God with numerous things. My health, my wealth,  protection over myself as well as my family, my career, and the list goes on and on.  

A Walk in Faith – Learning to Surrender Completely to God

In a previous post, I mentioned an encounter with an young woman that I spent a day with. To protect her freedom to be anonymous, I shall call her Jackie.  I shared with you that Jackie recently changed her eating habits after her discovery of an illness that she had no knowledge of.  

What Your Eyes Cannot See – Your Heart Will Feel…..

In the previous post, we discussed what the eyes can reveal to you about yourself once you take a long look in the mirror.  What about what your eyes cannot see? It has often been quoted that what the eyes can’t see, the heart feels and the mind follows.  

What Your Eyes Say About Your Health – A Look From Within

In the previous post, we departed with taking a long look in the mirror.  When I peered into my mirror the first thing I couldn’t help but notice were my eyes.  No matter where I tried to focus my attention, my hair, my nose, my mouth, I was unavoidably drawn to my eyes.  

Take a Long Look In The Mirror – Discover Who You Are

In the previous post, we explored ideas around dreams and marriage.  The discussion triggered a memory from my childhood.  As a young girl, I can recall always dreaming about getting married.  I would sit alone in my room day-dreaming and doodling on my paper, Mrs.