When Walking with Confidence, Allow it to Lead Your Way!

I know, I know, there is a fine line here that can easily be crossed, so before we begin, let’s address it. If you are not careful, you may confuse confidence with something else. Even Beyonce could not tell the difference in one of her songs.

Are You Lost in the Wilderness of “Life”? – How to Find Your Way Out

Several days ago, I was sitting in my room in deep thought. I was thinking as to how my life has changed drastically once I began to listen and follow God’s instruction. It occurred to me that for many years I had been no different than the children of Israel.  

“The Good Wife” – When “Good” Just ain’t Good Enough!

I have seldom heard many women, divorced women to be precise, use the words, “but I was a good wife”, yet they are still divorced women.  How can this be?  How can a “good” wife find herself amongst the rankings of the divorced statics?  

Women Fake “It” in Bed, Men Fake “It” in Finances- Are You Faking “It” in the Masquerade of Life?

We all know someone that is guilty of “faking” and “fronting” don’t we?   How can I be so sure of this? I personally have faked a few things in my life as well as have been fronted on too.  One situation that comes to mind is 13 years ago; I encountered a very nice young man.  

Balancing Masculine & Feminine Energy – Which Do You Radiate in Relationships?

This discussion is going to lead us to a place that may actually be a bit touchy for some folks. As a matter of fact, you can even categorize this subject under what Wendy Williams has coined as a “HOT TOPIC”.