Toxic Work Environments- Is Your Job Killing You Softly?

The best way to become credible on any subject matter is through experience. You cannot speak on something that you have not experienced personally. Friends, I am extremely credible in the area of toxic work environments. As a matter of fact, I am an expert in this area.  

Blinded in the Beginning Only to Be Betrayed in the End- Meet the Representative

Let’s get one question mark out of the way before we begin this discussion. Who is  the representative? You may find this hard to believe but some people don’t actually have your best interest at heart. Believe it or not they already know this when they initially meet you.

Dropped My Words of Wisdom- Yours to Have If You Will Only Pick It Up

What is wisdom, you may wonder? Hmmm, good question.  I heard a story a few years ago, please allow me to share it with you.  Don’t worry, it’s short.   It is also the best way that I can illustrate what it really means to have wisdom.

“Jealousy”- Slowly Destroying You As It Eats Away At You

Knock  Knock              Who’s there?                 ”Girlfriend”            Girlfriend Who?

“Girl”, I really want to be your “friend”, but I can’t because I’m too jealous of you”

I hope that caught your attention like the Krispy Kreme sign, because this one is going to be “HOT!

Difficult People – How To Keep Your Cool When Dealing With Them

Ah, yes, it’s a “HOT TOPIC” alert! Difficult people, we all know a few. If you take a look in the mirror, could it possibly be you? Difficult people, where can you find them, at home, the office, church (not mine of course), grocery store, the morning commute, the airport, pick a place, any place and I can assure you that a difficult person is somewhere lurking in the mix, ranting and raving their arms in the air.