Don’t Allow “He Loves Me Not” to Become “I Love Me Not”– It’s Just “Not” Meant to Be…

I am not naive enough to believe that men are the only ones dishing out the “Love-Me-Nots”. Gents, the dishing does apply both ways, but for this discussion, ladies first!  We will cover the gents perspective on the next go around.

Double Portion, Single Portion, Skipped– Self Esteem, Did You Get Yours?

You better believe you got it and if it has diminished then you shall have it again. Recently, a friend was speaking with me and he told me that he believed I received a double portion of self esteem.  He jokingly implied that I may have even been standing in line in front of him when it was being passed out causing him to be skipped!  

Picture Perfect! Embrace Your Imperfections- Flaws And All!

Recently, while speaking with a colleague, he began to squint at me. He then instructed me to check my face in my compact mirror, he said I should check my left eye. He was sure I had something on my eye.  

Living Like We Are Bulletproof– It’s Time to Stop Trippin…..

Friends, there is an elephant in the room among us and no one wants to talk about it.  May I please share a personal experience with you? It was the fall of 1996, I was a senior in college.  I traveled home for Thanksgiving break.

The Alpha Female— She’s A Bad Mamma Jamma!

Who am I? I am the Alpha Female!  Was I born this way, not sure but it is who I am today. What am I? I am strong, I am confident, and I am secure.  To the Alpha Male, I am his lure.