Allowing Others to Control You By Pushing Your Buttons…..

Friends, we all have found ourselves in situations in which we have overreacted because someone pushed our buttons. For example, when I was in high school, my bus driver (whom was also a high school student) walked by me in the hallway and she looked at me and made an inappropriate comment to me.

People-Pleaser? It’s Time To Start Putting Yourself First!

Friends, a few years ago, I came  into self-awareness that I was a “people – pleaser”.  What does that mean? Let me explain. Many times I based my actions on pleasing others to make them happy. Now that sounds like a nice and kind act, but most times, this kindness came at the expense of my own happiness.

Balancing Business and Dating– And How to Balance The Scales…..

Friends, I have officially been divorced for 4 1/2 years now and I am in awe at the new age “dating” world. Things have changed. When I was growing up, I was primarily reared by my grandmother and she raised me with the understanding that if a young man wanted to get to know me then he needed to court me.

When The Best Company That You Keep, Is Your Own– #LoveYourself

Friends, I have spent time in the company of many amazing people, but the best company that I have ever enjoyed has been my own. Now, I haven’t always thought this way but as I have become older and wiser I have learned the importance of loving myself.

“Shift” Happens, Let It Happen In Your Mind First! #MindsetShift

Friends, I am about to share something with you that I have NEVER shared with anyone before. I am going to give you a peak into how shifting my mindset has been instrumental in creating positive results in my life. 

I speak openly about my position in life, you see, I, Sharon D.