If the “Past” is Holding You Back – It’s Time to Burn It to Ashes!

Friends, forgetting the past is not an easy task is it? Especially, when the “thing” that we desperately desire to forget is a mistake that we made ourselves. I know the feeling, been there, done that and I didn’t bother to buy the t-shirt.

OWIT Houston Chapter Invites You– Lunch with Sharon D. Meadows


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Lunch with Sharon D. Meadows

An Independent Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Trainer & Executive Leadership Coach 

Sharon D. Meadows is a passionate published author. Sharon leads others by living her life through her coaching philosophies.

Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now– Wait On Your Boaz!

Friends, I was quite surprised to learn that the bible contained a classic love story.  I divorced 2 1/2 years ago, and shortly after my divorce was final, a good friend asked if I had waited on my Boaz when I selected by husband.

When Flying, Be Happy & Carefree– That’s the Spirit!

Friends, this has been a very busy month for me. A few months ago my best friend got engaged and began planning her wedding. It’s in Maui, Hawaii.  As soon as the date was set, I began making preparations for my travel arrangements.

At the End of the Road, There Are Only Two Choices— Move On or Stay Behind Wasting Time

Gentlemen, I am a woman of my word. I promised you that I would return to discuss the mishaps of “she-loves-me-not”.  I know many times, “we” tend to overlook that men face similar issues as women in relationships. Men are generally better at covering up their emotional pain better than women, but my point is they still endure pain just the same.