Learning to Forgive– With or Without An Apology….

Friends, often times when we find ourselves in a position in which we feel we have been wronged, forgiveness towards the person that wronged us may not come so easy. For some of us, it actually never comes. A few years ago, I was speaking with a colleague about the condition of her father after he had been placed in Hospice care.

What You Deserve vs. What You Get– Knowing Your Worth

Friends, can we talk?  Good, because  I am sure that everyone will be able to relate to this discussion. I would like to shine the light on the difference in what we get in life vs. what we actually deserve. Generally speaking if we don’t know our value, then we don’t know what we deserve and often times we will simply take what we get……hhhmmm……[pause]………think about it.

Caught in the Middle– The Good Spot in “Effective” Co-Parenting

Friends, the chances are that you probably know at-least one divorced person. In some cases, that person may be “you”. No one wants to wear the “label” of divorcee, but sometimes circumstances leave us no choice and it becomes our reality.

Shed the “Old” You– By Stepping Into Your Greatness, “The New You”

Friends, in my opinion for many of us, who we are today, may very well not be who we destined to become. Some of us, many of us, may be “stuck” in a mold that was created based on our experiences in our past.

No Better Time Like the Present– Living In the Now……

Friends, each time that I sit down to write, I ALWAYS attempt to select a topic of discussion in which I have personal experiences. My desire is to share my experiences/knowledge with you in an open and transparent manner in hopes that I may add value to your life in some way.