Balancing Business and Dating– And How to Balance The Scales…..

Friends, I have officially been divorced for 4 1/2 years now and I am in awe at the new age “dating” world. Things have changed. When I was growing up, I was primarily reared by my grandmother and she raised me with the understanding that if a young man wanted to get to know me then he needed to court me. This is what courting looked like at my grandma’s house. I couldn’t date until I was 17 years old and a young man could not call me after 9:00 pm and if he were doing a face to face visit, he was not allowed to come to my home after 8:00 pm. My grandmother would tell me that people have all day to do what they need to do, and if they want to see you in person they will make sure they make timely arrangements to do so….otherwise they are letting you know they have more important things on the agenda ahead of you. #GrandmaHadAPoint

Grandma would quiz the young man about his morals and value system before she would allow him to sit alone with me in a open door room  as she frequently passed by to check on us to see what we were doing. Often times, if we got silent, she would pass by more often. When we did get silent, it would be because I would softly tell the young man, “ssshhhh, I think my grandma is listening to us.” #RealTalk 

Well friends, dating in 2015, looks nothing like it did when I was in high school. Courting? Today, I think that some people believe the term “courting” is an activity that takes place in the Court room because they have no clue what it means in the dating world.

Now I understand the times have changed. When I was growing up we didn’t have busy schedules, in high school, I spent my leisure time taking a nap. Today, a nap is not on my agenda because my schedule is so consumed. So how do you balance being busy with business and incorporate dating while maintaining your beliefs regarding courtship?

Here’s my take on the concept of balancing business and dating. Take your time! The person that you choose to be with will have a profound impact on the rest of your life. Why rush it? You shouldn’t! We should never rush anything that is going to be long-term in our life.

If you meet someone and they appear to be in a rush then I suggest you RUN! If you are busy with handling business, the other person should understand. If they don’t then you need to ask yourself, “is this the right person for me?” #ProbablyNot

So when you are dealing with an individual that is focused on business or an individual that is needy of your time, to ensure that you are compatible to date, you must ask yourself is this person patient and understanding of my needs. If the answer is no on either side then I suggest you find a more suitable companion in which you both share the same values. #CompatibilityMatters #TooManyDifferences #OilNWaterDontMix

Sharon D. Meadows is a Certified Professional Transformation Coach and the Author of the Amazon Best – Seller, Journey to A New You—A Transformational Guide to Discovering Your Inner Strengths!

Please connect with Sharon, to ask her what’s the next step to get you on the Journey to a New You, Contact Me! #LetsTalk

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